Which side of the US offers the best hair styles?

Is it the West Coast, which places an emphasis on being casual and creative? Or is it the East Coast, which has a style focus on sophistication and overall polish?

Each has its own unique advantages that are worth considering, no matter where you happen to live.

What Is West Coast Style?

One of the driving factors of West Coast style is the weather. You’ll find numerous differences in hair style out West thanks to the sunny days of San Diego to the rainy days of Seattle. There is an emphasis on layering and accessories because it is often limited to only a few weeks throughout the year.

You’ll see hair styles that pair up well with bold pendants, layered necklaces, and preferred hair accessories that are based on the region.

What is East Coast Style?

The goal of East Coast style is to look intelligent and serious. You are making a statement with your style that says you’ve “got it.” Hair is often paired with shoes, a handbag, and jewelry or hair accessories that are all intended to offer the best possible first impression.

There is a certain emphasis on weather with East Coast style as well. It tends to be colder and a bit wetter (with maybe an exception for Seattle), so protecting against excessive moisture is often a priority.

How to Achieve the West Coast Look

If you want your hair to look casual and cool, you’ll want to focus on keeping your style fun and maybe even a bit flirty. Make sure to bring out the accessories which draw attention to your preferred style. Look to create layers whenever possible, but also try to protect your hair against the sun of the south and the moisture of the north along the coast.

Many of the styles along the West Coast tend to be a little shorter because it tends to be a little warmer. Think pixie cuts or the timeless bob and you’ll be on the right path toward achieving the West Coast look.

Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses!

How to Achieve the East Coast Look


The East Coast look is all about textures and appearance. You want it to look smart, which means it must be in control all day long. Look for classic hair styles that are generally easy to maintain, but offer a certain elegance at the same time.

If you need a simple, yet professional look, then think about sporting a long bob. When in style, consider adding bangs to your look. Otherwise the simple center part for longer hair or letting your curly or wavy hair have its natural texture and style, as long as it is in control, will help you achieve the right look for the East Coast.

There will always be a debate about whether the West Coast or the East Coast has the better hairstyles. The truth is simple: both points of style emphasis are important. There are times to be fun, flirty and casual. There are also times to be polished, traditional, and professional. Include them both with your personal style and you’ll be able to rock your hair every day.


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