There are 7 billion humans on this planet. Can you imagine that? 7 billion born into different life paths that fulfills a certain position. Mother earth is like a machine. With her planet being full of life requires all her tools to mechanically flow. Each living organism fulfills that tool and is apart of the flow. You are the lucky one to be chosen to arrive on to this planet with a purpose. You are the tool that fits into a certain mold of the machine (we call earth) that keeps the flow in the rotation. Do you know how to navigate that gift you have inside?

Laura Valente a celebrity master hair stylist from Valente Hair & Co is going to take you on a journey that is more than hair. With a community full of hair enthusiasts, kick-ass business mavens, and individuals who are making a difference in the world, we introduce to you THE V TALK.

The V Talk is your key to the navigation set within. From “how to maximize your time with hot oil treatments to create more revenue by using the LUSSO, tips and tricks on a beautiful balayage or how to transcend to your fullest potential in all industries. Laura Valente has got you covered.


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