Weddings are like fashion photoshoots. Everybody dresses up in their best-looking attire to look attractive for the photographers and the guests. As for the bride, she is probably under the most pressure to look attractive because all the eyes and cameras will be pointed at her. The two main features that she needs to worry about are her wedding dress and hairstyle. Which one do you think is more difficult?

The wedding dress might be difficult to select at first, but it is not as hard as choosing the right hairstyle. The last thing that you’ll want on your wedding day is lousy hair. It needs to be styled in a way that brings out both your inner and outer beauty. Not only does this apply to the bride, but it also applies to the bridesmaids and all the female guests. The groom and his best men are not under this much pressure to have a good hairstyle. They just need to shave and comb their hair.

If you are a woman who is worried about what her wedding hairstyle or wedding makeup is going to be, below are 4 tips to help you design the best hairstyle for yourself on this glorious wedding day.

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1) Consider the Factors

There are so many different wedding hairstyles to choose from. Your hairstyle could be an updo, soft & wavy, braided, side pony, or cascading curls. The choice you make will depend on certain factors, such as the environmental temperature, the length of your hair, the thickness of your hair, and the design of your wedding dress.


2) Try Out the Hairstyle First

Once you have chosen a potential hairstyle for your wedding day, you should immediately try to get that hairstyle done on yourself. It is important to test out the hairstyle well in advance so that you know it is a good look to have at a wedding.


3) Consider Your Budget

Are you going to have a professional hairstylist do your hair or are you going to style it yourself? Hairstylists can be quite expensive for someone on a budget. Consider doing your own hair if you are in this position. There are helpful guides on the internet which can assist you.


4) Consider Hair Extensions

If your hair is too short before the wedding day or you have trouble growing your hair long, then you should consider adding hair extensions to your hair. These extensions will help give you the long hairstyle that you want without having to wait months for your hair to grow.


If you are having a wedding in La Jolla or San Diego, allow Valente Hair & Co to handle all of your bridal makeup and hair! Visit our Bridal page for more information or you can also book us through The Knot!


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