Valente Luxury Extensions are premium hair extensions and an investment that will give you your best hair yet. Because you are investing into your hair, it is wise to ensure proper maintenance of the extensions. Doing so will keep them in great condition for extended use! To help you maximize the benefits and wear of your extensions, we’ve created a complete guide that includes product recommendations, step-by-step care instructions and suggested tips from professionals.



  1. Valente Hair Care includes paraben and sulfate free shampoo, conditioner and gloss acceptable for use on Valente Luxury Hair Extensions. These products solve the challenge of dull or dry extensions by providing UVA and UVB hair protection, which aides in the prevention of faded coloring due to sunlight and frequent washing. The products also serve to keep extensions brilliant and offer long lasting shine. In addition to these products, Valente also offers the Valente Hair Extension Brush that is ideal for use with Valente Luxury Extensions.

  2. Lusso Hair Straightener with essential oil infusion is the world’s most luxurious straightener. The six essential oils work in conjunction with the iron’s technology to keep hair straight for longer periods of time and promotes healthy hair.



  1. Detangle hair from ends to roots with Valente Hair Extension Brush before beginning to wash.

  2. Use preferred Valente Hair Extension Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner.

  3. Conditioning the hair is essential to keeping the hair soft and manageable. Avoid using any heavy products. Use Valente Luxury Extension Gloss on wet or dry hair.

  4. Comb hair every morning with the Valente Extension Brush gently from top to ends, keeping pressure off the weft, tape or individual extension.

  5. Braiding hair at night before sleep is suggested.

  6. Use Valente Hair Extension hot tools to style your extensions.



Valente Luxury Hair Extensions are handmade hair pieces, where 100% Remy Human Hair is knotted through a fine mesh. After long increments of use, the hair can fall out of it’s mesh panel, in a process called shedding. Shedding happens to your extensions when the connective knot comes loose after months of full-time use, and is more likely with frequent washing, use of solvents to remove adhesive, traction, rubbing and bleached knots are all contributing factors to shedding. To avoid the shedding of your Valente Luxury Extensions, we recommend a few practices that will ensure your best hair.

  1. Although bleaching your knots ensure the most natural look, the harsh chemical process can weaken the knots sooner than hoped for.

  2. When treating hair with masks, conditioners, creams or oils, ensure application is not at the base of your hair. Doing so can prematurely weaken the knots.

  3. Using a satin pillowcase during sleep is recommended, as doing so helps to alleviate the tension and friction of your hair system rubbing against your pillow.

  4. Be certain to start brushing your hair at the base after washing. Use gentle motions to avoid pulling at the knots.

  5. When it comes time to remove the adhesive, less solvent is more. Allow the solvent to rest in hair for a few minutes for easier removal. Washing hair immediately after adhesive removal is suggested.

  6. Routinely treat your hair with a mask, conditioner or oil once to twice per week to ensure hydrated locks. Hydrated hair will make hair more manageable overall.


  1. When consistently using ValenteTabs, keep extensions in for 2-3 months and allow your hair opportunity to rest before reapplication of ValenteTabs to avoid damaging your hair. You may opt to use ValenteClipIns during the resting period.


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