7:00 AM the alarm goes off and it’s Monday. Yes, Monday the start of the new week. The day that everyone glorifies as “crap, it’s only Monday.” You don’t want to get out of bed. Breakfast is probably impossible because you have about an hour to get ready, leave, and clock in on time. Traffic jams and contemplation of how the day is going to start? Organize your time and pick a routine that works for you.

A healthy routine is a perfect way to start any day even Mondays. It can also be repetitive and boring if we wake up with no purpose. We often lose sight of what is truly in front of us. That is passion. When you start to lose passion it shows in your work, life, behavior and the sense of loving things and people.

How do we find this passion? It’s through balance, direction, organization, seeking, and absorbing information. Something that feeds the routine a little different. Who said when two worlds collide it doesn’t make something memorable? Listen to episode two of The V Talk “Beyond the Hair” to start your journey of a healthy routine. Uplift your spirits and it’s time feel the flame again!


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