You likely have a personal routine for your hair care. It’s a routine that is based on your own experiences, advice from your salon, and perhaps information that has been handed down to you by others. Unfortunately, the top myths about hair tend to creep into these routines, making us all do things or spend money on items that are unnecessary.

Here are the top myths about hair that deserve to be debunked, once and for all.


#1. Plucking gray hairs will cause more.

If you pluck or tweeze out a gray hair, two more will not grow back in its place.

The issue with gray hair is that your hair follicles only have a certain amount of color they can provide. Once that color runs out, then your hair turns gray – and then eventually white. Once one starts to go, you can expect more to follow.

If you don’t want to embrace the gray, try adding your favorite color to your hair care routine once every other month or so.

#2. Hair care products make your hair fall out.

Ever notice a ton of hair fall out while taking a shower? Or while you shampoo? Or after you put styling products into your hair to create the right look?

If your hair is falling out, it isn’t because of your style or your products. It is likely because of stress. We all live busy lives and encounter very bad days. If enough of them come around, it can affect hair health.

Having too much oil on the scalp can actually stunt hair growth. So take care of yourself, wash your hair in a routine that works for you, and the hair will stop falling out.

#3. Brushing your hair often will make it beautiful.

Brushing your hair too often can actually damage it. You don’t need to brush it 50 times, 100 times, or whatever other number is being used. Just brush your hair when it gets knotted up. Otherwise it’s better to just leave it alone.

#4. Color treatments will damage your hair.

If you are bleaching your hair, then yes – your hair is going to be damaged. Bleaching, however, is not a color treatment. Adding color to hair will actually help to make the hair thicker, but there is one stipulation to this: you must go darker with your hair color to see any benefits.

When you go lighter with your hair color, you will be creating thinner strands of hair. This creates the potential for brittleness, which can then cause damage over time.


#5. Switching shampoos and conditioners helps your hair.

This is a half-myth and a half-reality.

If you switch your conditioner, then you might help your hair – assuming you were using an incorrect conditioner in the first place.

In reality, however, most shampoos operate the same way. You just receive a different effect from the product. Because you like the new effect, there is a feeling that the shampoo made the hair healthier.

As long as the shampoo and conditioner you use is made for your type of hair or it takes care of a medical need, such as getting rid of dandruff, your hair will be fine.

The top myths about hair can cause us all to spend more on products and waste time during our routines every day. By getting all of the facts, we can make sure our hair is happy and healthy without the myths.


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