When picking a hairdo for any occasion or event, you might think that the best one is the one you can do easily. Unfortunately, the success of a hairdo is dependent on a lot of different factors people often overlook. This is one of the reasons why they end up with a sad looking hairdo or one that just isn’t always doable for them.

Whether you’re getting it done from a salon or doing one yourself, the following a few tips that can help you pick the perfect hairdo, every time.


1.     Understand Your Hair Type

This factor is one that people love to overlook, particularly if they are going to get a hairstyle done from a salon. The popular opinion in mind is that if they are paying for it, they should be able to get their hair done in any way they want. Often times, it’s a style that is outlandish, difficult or completely unsuited to their hair type.

What people happily overlook that while a stylist is a person who is talented with hair, they’re only as good as the base they get to work with. If your hair is too short, too thin or even natural, there are certain hairdos which would be difficult, not to mention impossible to do without causing damage to your hair.

2.     The Lines of Your Face

Lines of face

Certain haircuts and hairstyle are extremely flattering for your face and the same applies to having an updo as well. Based on the face shape you have, a hairdo can either make you look more appealing or it could end up looking like a bad decision.

Since hairdos are also tighter and bring more emphasis to your face, it is necessary that they do this in a manner which is flattering for your face. Most stylists will be more than happy to help you pick a hairstyle that matches with your face shape. Do your research on this, whether you are doing your hairdo yourself or getting it done from a stylist.

3.     The Kind of Event

Attending a wedding hair style

The kind of event you are going to attend also plays a role in helping you pick the hairdo. Formal events could call for more conservative, neat, pulled back hairdos while more informal events could be perfect for casual, messy and big hairdos that look more fun and laid back.

While a large part of it depends on the kind of event you are attending, it is also depends on how bold you feel like going. If you feel happy with your choice, and want to go ahead with it, then this point might not be as important in picking one.

4.     The Complete Look

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that the hairdo looks like it is a part of the complete look. If you’re dressed well with the perfect accessories, shoes and more, then the hairdo is like adding the finishing touch to your whole look. While it is possible, avoid trying to style the whole outfit around the hairdo. This will complicate things and have a more hit and miss approach to it.

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