Give your hair styling routine a boost with these tools by cutting down on the time and improving your hair’s health in the process too.

With so many innovations being introduced every day, it’s no surprise that certain hair tools have changed around too. If you’re still using the old tools, take a look at the following 5 tools that you need for your hair. Using them is not only going to change your hair care routine, it’s also going to cut down on the amount of time you spend on your hair.

1.     Straightening Hair Brush

It’s time to put the old straightener aside and get your hands on a straightening hair brush. Now, you can straighten your hair as you brush out your hair too. You no longer have to have a brush in one hand and a straightener in the other. It’s really simple to use and doesn’t harm your scalp or your hair in any way. The best part about them is the fact that most are priced affordably, making some even more affordable than hair straighteners.


2.     A Tangle Teezer

So you have thick, curly hair that likes to tie itself in knots.  Untangling hair is not only a tough task; it’s painful and damages your hair in the process as well. Luckily, you can now make use of a tangle teezer. This little brush comes designed specifically to deal with knots in your hair. You can now easily brush out any tangles or knots in your hair without any discomfort and have shiny, knot free hair that isn’t left frizzy from the experience.

3.     Hair Donut

Want the perfect bun but don’t know how everyone does it? The secret lies in the donut. A hair donut works as a base that you can wrap your hair around to get that perfect librarian bun. Available in a large number of sizes, you can easily have a bun of varying sizes, based on your mood. Moreover, they’re extremely inexpensive and so simple to use, it’s going to leave you wondering how you every got by without them. The cake might be a lie but these donuts are definitely worth a try.

4.     Corkscrew Pins

Want to tie your hair in a lazy, casual updo but your hair won’t stay in place? Ditch the bobby pins and get your hands on some corkscrew pins or spin pins as they are commonly known. Not only do you need only two of them to hold your hair in place, you won’t end up with painful tangles and hair knots when it’s time to take them off. Moreover, their unique design and size means they’re never going to go missing like your bobby pins.

5.     3D Hair Brush

We all know that a round hair brush is a must have in your brush collection but if you’re thinking of getting one, opt for the 3D hair brush. Available in three different kinds of bristles, these brushes leave your hair shiny, cut down on the time required to straighten or curl your hair and is even said to improve the overall health of your hair as well.

Whether you were using these before hand or just got know about them, give them a try and see the difference they make in your hair regimen.


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