Team – Zac Stachulski

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Zac loves through service. His deep desire to uplift and empower women shows in every guest he meets with sincere connection. Gorgeous hair is a given as Zacs experience in working with globally known makeup brands plays a major role in customized hair color and designs through the deep understanding of complimentary color and personalization. As a hairstylist and makeup artist, Zac knows women. His expertise ranges from blonding and color, bridal styling and braiding to personally shadowing CEOs of major brands learning the most coveted tips on making women look their best and feel the best they have ever felt. Blonding is his passion! From California baby blonde, Balayage, caramel and everything in between- if you love highlights and sincerely good company you are in great hands with Zac. Be prepared to meet your gentle listener, your laughing buddy and new best friend. XO