Since San Diego has some amazing beaches, it’s hard to resist the call of the waves. Whether you’re planning on surfing or having a lazy day at the beach, managing your hair can be challenging. Wind, water and humidity are destroyers of many great hairstyles so it can be difficult to find a hairdo which can hold up to these three, particularly water, and still look great.

The following are some easy hairstyles which allow you to look your best without worrying about ruining your look:

1.     Braided Updo1


Any kind of braided updo can withstand wind, humidity, and water and is suitable as it works well with different hair types. For a more chic look, make sure to part your hair in the middle before braiding and wrap your braids around your head. You can also use flowers to decorate your hair and make it look like you’re wearing a headband! If you have shorter hair, you can try this hair style by braiding your hair and tying it into a beautiful bun.

2.     Top Knots


Top knots are also another convenient way to keep your hair away from your face and showcase your bone structure. The top knot is not only classy and chic, it is also another great hairstyle which is resistant to wind, water, and humidity and goes well with any kind of hair type as well. This look is perfect when you’re stopping at the beach and have to go somewhere else too. Once you’re done with beach, all you have to do is open the knot and you’ll end up with perfectly lovely, waves for your night out.

3.     Double Braids or French Braids3

These braided hairstyles have been in the limelight because they became celebrity favorites for a while but the double braid is definitely a hairstyle worth trying, particularly if you’re going swimming or going to the beach. Both of these hair styles give a very sporty look and they work well with almost any hair type. You do need to have long hair for this look though.

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