Women’s Haircut in La Jolla

Taking care to clean, condition, and moisturize your hair is only half of the battle in getting it to look exactly the way you want it to look on a daily basis. The other half of the battle is taken care of by the cut and style that your professional hair stylist has created for you. Finding the best women’s haircut services in the La Jolla area may be a little bit more challenging than expected.

Thankfully though, when you choose to move forward with your women's haircut from Valente Hair & Co in La Jolla, our stylists will provide you with the easiest and smoothest hair service you’ve ever had! Take a look at our 5 star Yelp reviews!

Clearing out the so-called ‘dead’ hair is one of our specialties.

Keeping your hair happy, healthy, and beautiful is a lot more involved than just regularly shampooing and conditioning your hair. To attain youthful hair, you must use high quality products including: using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, using high end styling products that will keep your hair moisturized and will keep volume throughout the day.

You may also want to ‘prune out’ dead hair from time to time. This includes cutting away split ends or unhealthy parts of your hair. This will support the new growth to stay healthy, shiny and youthful.


Simple cuts, trim, and “maintenance”

Many of the women’s haircuts in La Jolla include maintenance cuts. Our stylists trim the hair in a way that’s designed to maintain the style and look that you have fallen in love while supporting happy hair all the way.

These kinds of cuts will make sure that you look like your hair is perfectly styled exactly the way you want every single day, without any fear of the “growing out” stages that could have your hair looking unkempt at times.


Complete transformations

If you are looking for a brand-new look and style, something radically different than what you  have right now, all of our stylists can make sure that your hair dreams come true.

Bring in photos of new styles you’d like to try, look through our hairstyle lookbooks, or just speak with one of our stylists about the kind of look that you are after and their expertise will help you create the look of your dreams!

If you want the very best women’s haircut in La Jolla we are the salon to visit. Book an appointment at your earliest convenience!