We are excited to introduce Valentine Luxury Hair Extensions!




Our La Jolla hair extension services have become a favorite of our clients for a myriad of reasons. The quintessential reason is the indelible beauty of hair extensions. They serve precisely the purpose they are meant to, no more and no less, which effectively means the hair extensions don’t have any side effects and there is nothing you ought to worry about.

Let us begin with one of the fundamental problems with many types of women’s hair extensions. They are not properly concealed. Many hair extensions become too obvious. Those who are aware of hair extensions will certainly spot them and even those who don’t have much of an idea will figure them out because they don’t look natural. La Jolla hair extensions are impeccably concealed. Our application ensures that the hair extensions are not frills or cosmetic add-ons. They will look like naturally grown hair!

world class hair extensions la jolla

Pleasantness, naturalness and strength are the three principal requisites for women’s hair extensions to look good. We ensure all these three attributes, which is basically what makes our La Jolla hair extensions indelibly beautiful. Our hair extensions last a long time. They are durable and easily manageable. You can go six months without requiring any redo or touchup. We pick the right type of hair extensions depending on our type of hair, its texture and color. It is our endeavor to ensure color correction and that the hair extensions are firmly in place with no possibility of coming off at the slightest of interference.

Our hair extensions are for everyone. You may have straight hair or curly hair, dense hair or silky hair, you may have a voluminous mane or you may be experiencing hair thinning. We have a plethora of variants and also different application methods to suit your needs. Clients with dense voluminous hair can opt for hot application methods while clients with silky and less dense hair or less volume of hair can opt for cold application methods.

Our La Jolla hair extensions are for every scenario. They would be ideal for styling. They can be appropriate at any workplace. They don’t have daunting maintenance and there is no adverse impact on your scalp or your natural hair. Usher in a new hair style or undergo a makeover with Valente Hair & Co hair extensions!