La Jolla Balayage & Ombre

Balayage is a kind of hair coloring effect that lets stylists literally hand paint subtle, natural shades or highlights into the hair very accurately.  Balayage is French for sweep or paint.  Stylists apply this method to compliment one's eye color, the shape of one's face, and their skin tone.  This procedure is far superior to foils, sun streaking or even adding a more youthful look that is usually due to the actual hairstyle more than the coloring.  Hair stylists can now be very creative in the applications when customizing to the individual when the color is applied.

Our specialized La Jolla Balayage will allow for a more striking appearance while still offering subtleties .  Stylists can now lay down the foundation, create natural dimensions, then add applications of colors such as green, blue, pink or purple.  These colors allow clients to remain individual and express themselves while still having a subtle look that counts.

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Is Balayage Right for You?

The upside to Balayage, it can be used on any length of hair or your hair color.  Balayage does not dictate whether you can or cannot have this color treatment while experiencing a low maintenance treatment.  First and foremost, you must sit down with a stylist who works with Balayage to get some ideas on what could be done and go over the entire process.  A good stylist should discuss shades that will work best for you, what treatments have been done on your hair previously, how often you would be willing to come back, and what products you should use to help the procedure along while preventing any further damage to your hair.

Balayage is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a low maintenance color application.  This process is so naturally placed and offers a very gradual effect letting you can go a longer period of time before any new treatments and there are never any harsh lines!  Many customers will not need another treatment the next time they come in.  They will simply need a restyling haircut, application of a toner, or a conditioning treatment.  Many customers will only set up new appointments for a touch up 2 to 3 times a year after the initial application.

How Balayage Works

It normally takes only a one or two step process in which the stylist hand paints or places highlights on the hair.  Some techniques may use meche foils, cellophane, cotton, or bricklaying techniques to create the absolutely perfect Balayage look!

The first step is normally to lighten the hair to a certain level.  If you are using a hair color, you can get the desired level and tone in one step.

The second step involves putting a tonal value into the hair.  Tonal values are known as “Ash”, “Warm”, or “Neutral”.  When your hair is lightened, you are literally having all pigmentation or color removed from your hair which leaves your hair yellow, red, or orange which is not a complimentary or permanent look. If you are looking for a hair salon for your La Jolla Balayage, Valente Hair & Co. is here for you!

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