This week we took aside the talented Jazz Hainer to pick her beautiful brain about her craft. She won Valente Hair & Co’s coveted award, Best Balayage. Jazz is known for her dazzling blonding and unique hair trends. (She is currently sporting some chic tinsel in her hair) Donned in a super cute apron, I sat down with her as she pampers her current balayage client. 

Valente Hair & Co (V): You won Best Balayage, how do you feel about this award?

Jazz (J): I feel honored and excited for winning since I’ve only been at Valente Hair & Co since January.

V: What is your favorite type of hair service to do?

J: Color! Ever since I was 12 I’ve loved color. Especially blonding.

V: Is there a type of hairstyle you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t yet?

J: I always do the type of color or style that I’ve been wanting; on myself and other clients. 

V: You are known for being stunningly creative, what new and unique hair trends are you advertising?

J: Wigs! I’m currently making lace front wigs. I have a long, wavy brunette wig available. 😉

V: What influencers or ideas do you follow to inspire your craft?

J: Hair transformations + things I’ve haven’t thought of before. Wig making for sure!

V: What do you want new clients to know about you?

J: You can trust me with your hair because I’m aware of my capabilities. I would never do something to your hair that I wasn’t sure of doing.

V: Hair product you can’t live without? 

J: Olaplex, Olaplex, OLAPLEX!

V: What’s your favorite aspect about working at Valente Hair & Co?

J: The great atmosphere, awesome team and I have the best & prettiest clients!

You can check out Jazz’s extraordinary work on Valente Hair & Co’s social media channels and her own @colorbyjazz.

Book her by calling 858-230-7574 or
online at our website!


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