Yes, Valente Hair is just a single boutique making waves in San Diego. However, we look all over the world for the hottest trends in hair. The UK is always ahead of its times when it comes to hairstyles. Modern day hairstyles in the UK are all about the way you carry off a certain look. You don’t always have to be conscious of what is in fashion. It’s always best to create your own style and flaunt it. Here are a few ideas that will help you decide which hairstyle to go for, inspired by our friends from across the pond.


Fringes and bangs

If you aren’t ready for a complete bob but are thinking about a change in your look, then opting for a fringe is one of the best options. You could opt for a short fringe or a long fringe depending on how you want your hair to fall on your face. The benefit of having a fringe is that it gives a sleek finish to any hairstyle that you carry it with.

On the other hand, long bangs give a very elegant look and are also very manageable. If you opt for long bangs, make sure that your hair are in layers so that there is added volume to your hair as long bangs do have the propensity of making your face look long and of making your hair look flat. Layers in the hair will add a nice bounce, making you look full of life and vivacity. 

The lob or long bob

The long bob, popularly known as the lob, is the in-thing in the UK these days. Even girls who have always sported long hair are opting to go short so as to live up to this trend. The lob looks especially good when the cut is angular, known as the angular lob. This look really makes a girl look younger. It also helps one’s face look fuller and has the effect of making the neck look slightly more slender and longer, resulting in a very stylish and graceful look.

A lob looks even more fashionable if it is supported by the right hair color. Opting for an ombre or a sombre is a good choice as it looks very hip and trendy.

It could be a difficult choice for most girls with long hair to opt for cutting their hair and sport a long bob. However, those who have opted for this cut have found it to be very rewarding as it makes one look very fresh and young.

The short bob or pixie cut

The short bob or pixie cut is one of the most popular hairstyles in the UK this season.  For some, it might be a drastic change but it is indeed a change that is worth it. It gives a very childlike innocent look that, if carried with the right attire, looks very enchanting and attractive.

These were a few of the hairstyles that are very popular in the UK these days. Just remember that the hairstyle you get is not as important; what is important is that you carry it with confidence.


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