ValenteTabs are nearly invisible and flexible hair extensions that adhere to hair for up to 5 weeks after the first application, depending on how often the wearer washes their hair. They work best for individuals who aren't extremely active. Additionally, tape-ins best serve those who preference length over volume from their extensions.

1. Form a straight section of the hair with a rat tail comb.

2. Remove tape from both sides on the first tape in piece. (First sandwich)

3. Take a thin slice of hair and attach the comb to the base of the tape adhesion tab.

4. Fold over thin slice of hair.

5. Press firmly with the comb on the tape adhesion.

6. Smooth hair down for adhesion.

7. Take second piece of the tape in extension and apply over the existing piece.

8. Press firmly with the comb on the tape adhesion.

Condensed Care Instructions:

1. Detangle hair from end to roots before wash.
2. Conditioning hair is essential to keeping the hair soft.
3. Comb hair every day gently, keeping pressure off of the tape adhesion.


**Pricing per client may vary!

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