Keep your hair looking as gorgeous as the day you went to the salon with the help of these tips and tricks.

Sometimes, when you go to the salon, you love the results so much that you don’t want it to go away. If you’re looking to get your money’s worth out of your salon treatment or styling session, here are a few tips and tricks that you can incorporate that make it possible to never ruin your hair after a trip to the salon again:

Blow Outs

Getting a hair wash, coupled with a blow out, is a relaxing experience. You get to sit back, get your scalp massaged and feel pampered as someone else is tasked with drying, brushing and styling it with a blow out for you. To make your blow out last as long as possible (a week, maximum) try not to touch your hair too much since it’s going to cause transference of oils and dirt onto your hair. Use a large paddle brush in order to maintain the volume when brushing your hair out.

Hair Treatments

When you get a hair treatment done, you want to ensure your hair stays in good condition or showcases the benefits of the treatment for some time. For this purpose, only shampoo your hair when it is necessary for you. For certain hair treatments, you might be advised to avoid shampooing your hair for at least 48 hours. Moreover, certain treatments also have after care conditioning and maintenance products that you can purchase and use to keep your hair healthy and happy.


This can differ depending on the color you choose as well as your natural hair color. If you have dark hair and you are looking to go lighter, you can expect to get bleached before the color is applied. Not only does this take more time, it is also going to require extra care too. Avoid using shampoos for 2 days to allow the color to sink in. Start using shampoos that are made for color treated hair and that help the color last longer.


When you’re getting your hair rebonded, you are going to have to look after your hair in order to keep the hair straight while the chemicals settle. This entails not washing your hair for 3 days and avoiding tying your hair up otherwise you could up with a crease in your hair, completely defeating the purpose of the rebonding treatment. Use products that are meant for helping maintain rebonded hair.


Much like rebonding, you won’t be able to wsh your hair for 3 days and should avoid handling your hair roughly. Use hair products that are volumizing and meant to enhance and nourish curls. Avoid using creams and gels since these can weigh on the curls. When drying hair, avoid rubbing your hair. Instead, try patting the hair dry and using diffuser instead to dry your hair. You can also try going to sleep with your hair in braids or in a bun to enhance the curls and keep it free from any tangles.


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