We are so excited to introduce the Valente Lusso– the world’s most luxurious hair straightener with essential oil infusion! Customize your hot iron experience by infusing our Certified Organic Valente Lusso Oils of your choosing into your Valente Lusso for silky, smooth, and sensuous locks! From reparative and strengthening benefits to UV and thermal protection, mix and match our 6 oils for the most luxurious hair possible.


Meet Our Valente Lusso Oils!


Our Allora Argan Oil serves to tame frizzy hair and protect from heat application. It also promotes new hair growth and helps your hair look thick and healthy.



Valente’s Denzo Jojoba Oil supports hair growth, dissolves buildup, and helps to moisturize and condition the hair. With the help of Denzo, hair is more manageable overall.



Repair damaged follicles by providing moisture and nourishment to your hair with the help of Di Coco Coconut Oil, while also offering volume and preventing thermal damage.



Valente’s Forza Oil is the ultimate reparative and strengthening oil. Add Forza to your Lusso for the benefits of anti-breakage, UV protection, and added protein for hair. With Forza, enjoy fewer split ends and much brilliant more shine!



Our lightweight Brilliante Marula Oil is fast-absorbing and leaves a satin-finish. It also works to seal and smooth the hair cuticle for soft, gorgeous hair.



Smooth, silken and moisturize your hair from roots to ends with Valente’s Vitamina Oil. After infusion, hair is left feeling better than before! Recommended use is 2-3 drops.


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