La Jolla Village is home to a very unique medical practice, known to locals as The Secret Clinic. This name has served the business very well as the clinic has morphed into a leading, innovative and exclusive medical center for holistic patient care. Over its five-year tenure in the village, the clinic has been successful in remaining a “secret” among La Jollans but, recently, the patient care and treatments offered by the physicians and staff are getting noticed by curious San Diegans all over town.

So what do San Diegans need to know? The Secret Clinic is the parent company to three distinct medical practices, all located in one convenient and beautiful medical office space right in the heart of La Jolla Village. The three practices are: The Secret Vein Clinic, The Secret Skin Clinic, and Medical Care San Diego, the #1 La Jolla Urgent Care Clinic. Many people don’t expect to see a vibrant and flourishing medical practice on the busy, ritzy and storefront streets of La Jolla Village, but that is what makes this business so special. It has managed to stand out among the crowd and defy the stereotypical doctor’s office in a large high-rise building. The Medical Director, Dr. Peter Mann, had a vision to build a new type of doctor’s office, where patients feel like are entering a safe, comforting, relaxing and aesthetically beautiful environment with the highest of medical standards. The Secret Clinic is this vision come to life, with its inviting white and black décor, living room-like feel for a waiting office, state-of-the-art medical facility, kind staff and Board Certified Physicians who are experts in their prospective fields. Everyone who walks through the doors of this establishment can feel the thoughtfulness, positive energy and true dedication to healthcare that Dr. Mann has put into this clinic.

Patients who visit The Secret Clinic are provided with a range of healthcare solutions designed to help keep them feeling healthy, young and invigorated. The Secret Vein Clinic is a specialty vein center where patients are invited to come in for complimentary ultrasound screenings and learn more about their leg health. While the primary focus is to diagnose Varicose Veins and Spider Veins, all patients will leave their appointments with a better understanding on how to take care of their legs as they juggle through careers where long sitting or standing is the norm and where exercise routines take a toll on their legs.  The Secret Vein Clinic is known as one of the top clinics for varicose vein treatment San Diego. A popular motto heard amongst the clinic staff and patients is: “Happy Legs, Happy Life.” The Secret Skin Clinic is a skin center where patients may address the many dermal concerns they have. With a team of experienced medical estheticians and physicians on staff, there is a treatment for patients of all ages: skincare products, DermaSweeps, medical-grade facials, IPL Lasers, CO2 Fraxel Resurfacing Lasers, Laser Hair Removal and minor mole and/or skin tag removals. Lastly, Medical Care San Diego, is the only Urgent Care Clinic in La Jolla Village and it is open six days a week. The mission of this clinic it to treat any non-life threatening, immediate medical needs including: flu, bronchitis, allergies, injuries, wound care, infections, physical exams, prescriptions, EKGs, Labs, HIV, pregnancy and more.

All three practices within The Secret Clinic complement each other lovely, and the staff as well as physicians are truly dedicated to providing their patients with holistic healthcare. Visiting the clinic for any one of your healthcare needs is sure to be a welcoming, positive and satisfying experience.

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