For local residents concerned about how their dental health is interacting with their overall health, there’s Brighton Dental San Diego. This dental office is designed to feel more like a spa than the dentist offices of the past – but that’s not where the difference ends. This patient-focuses practice is based around a holistic dentist and her brand of pain-free, anxiety-free dentistry that some patients find refreshingly different.

There’s research to support an overall-health approach to dentistry. Studies in recent years have found that poor health of the body overall worsens the condition of the gums as well as the teeth and the rest of the oral cavity. But just as importantly, problems with the mouth, gums and teeth can allow toxins and infection to spread through the entire body, resulting in the possibility of heart disease and other health concerns both chronic and acute. Infection comes from poor oral hygiene and hereditary conditions that aren’t well managed, for example, while toxins may come from mercury-containing amalgam fillings breaking down or other toxic dental work.


Going Beyond Being Just A Holistic Dentist

Brighton Dental San Diego has achieved a level of recognition even beyond the San Diego area for its innovations in holistic dentistry. But the practice isn’t a one-note office. Its patients may be just as pleased to find that this is a “gentle dental” clinic focused on making treatment easy for the patient while they’re receiving it.

Because of bad experiences in the past, a large number of Americans are afraid of going to a dentist. But there are many ways to make people feel more comfortable about a trip to the dentist. The first is establishing a pleasant atmosphere. Another is decreasing apprehension by using acupressure, aromatherapy and other ideas borrowed from Eastern medicine and alternative modalities. Yet another is using modern practices that don’t hurt and don’t do long-term harm, including lower-power digital x-rays, fillings with no drilling when possible and similar related advances.

We also hear good reports about the people in the front office at Brighton Dental San Diego, who make the experience there good from the start. Additionally, the pricing is in line with other nearby dental clinics.


A Professional Leads The Way

Dr. Paige Woods is the driving force behind today’s Brighton Dental. She is an experienced holistic dentist with an established reputation and history in successfully treating patients using the latest techniques in the industry. Plus, she is respected by her peers, as evidenced by her well-received published work in the field of dental bonding and microabrasion.

Dr. Woods has a strong background in the sciences and in traditional dentistry. After focusing on science and getting a degree in chemistry at the undergraduate level, she went to Loma Linda University’s well-respected School of Dentistry to learn to be a dentist. She is a member now of the American Dental Association and the equally respected California Dental Association. When not working at Brighton Dental, she does pro bono work around the area and around the world.

It should be mentioned that Brighton Dental San Diego is the creation of pioneering holistic dentist Dr. Daniel Vinograd, who still regularly works in the practice. The two dentists are supported by a team that includes dental assistants, dental hygienists and other nursing and support staff.

Brighton Dental San Diego is a pain-free, anxiety-free holistic dental office that provides family dental services, including restorative, preventative and cosmetic services like popular invisible braces and teeth whitening services.

For many of this clinic’s clients, the appeal seems to be the spa-like, unique experience or the biocompatible approach. Others report that they simply like the quality of the work.

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