We Recognize our Team!

Special thanks to Paisley Bird, General Manager, Executive Assistant & CEO of Valente Inc Products. On behalf of Valente Hair & Co, Valente Inc, and Valente Luxury Extensions, I Laura Valente would personally like to extend my gratitude for Paisley Bird, and her constant hard work and dedication to our growing culture, brand & salon. Paisley is not only an essential part of our team, but she also exemplifies in totality what a loyal advocate for our company should resemble. She is loyal, honest, and above all she is a leader and she is great at holding together our team. Paisley has a plethora of skills, including Social Media Marketing, Photography, Management, Executive Office Procedures, and leading a team to success. She is the brains behind growing our brand, she takes direction and goes above and beyond to reach our goals. Paisley is also a kind, sweet and strong woman with an excellent work ethic, she takes direction to a new level with innovative ways for growth. Paisley we thank you and we honor you. We love our Team and we love you! – Laura Valente | Owner & Founder | Valente Hair & Co


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