Welcome to Valente Hair & Co!

Valente Hair & Co was established in 2016 in La Jolla, California. Valente Hair & Co was inspired and created with true Italian culture in mind. If you are looking for the top La Jolla hair & beauty salon, you have come to the right place!

Valente Hair & Co demonstrates this culture by being committed to always serving clients with undivided attention, friendly staff, and uncompromising results. At our La Jolla hair & beauty salon, our stylists live and work with the passion of doing what the love, and in Italy you will find this same way of live extremely common. Just like in Italy beauty, art and fashion are an expression of the Italian way of life. Our experienced stylists express their artistic abilities by making our clients feel incredibly beautiful, thus raising confidence and spirits! Visit our La Jolla hair & beauty salon today!

We pride ourselves on being the best hair and beauty salon in La Jolla!

What makes Valente Hair & Co unique and different is its precise attention to detail socially, artistically and visually. Our La Jolla beauty salon appeals to all 5 senses, and one of Italy’s favorite taste! Valente is always stocked with a full snack and beverage bar at the Valente Cafe! Feel the incredible complimentary scalp massage with every service. See the beautiful luxurious atmosphere. Hear relaxing music or talk to your stylist about all your hair goals. Feel what its like to be completely pampered royally. You can't find another La Jolla beauty salon like Valente!

We are committed to providing “The Excellente Valente Experience” which is comprised of three main components:

1. Friendly Atmosphere
2. Quality of Service (Luxury for All)
3. Uncompromising results

At our La Jolla beauty salon, we find luxury to be described as a beautiful experience. Experiencing an incredibly warm and friendly staff. Experiencing stylists with real passion to create beautiful results. Experiencing an indulgent relaxing day at the Beautiful Valente Salon in La Jolla. When you truly discover the luxury of looking in the mirror and seeing yourself in a new look, that's when you know how amazing and beautiful you truly are!