Women get their hair colored just about as often as they clip their nails. Statistics show that 70% of women in the United States color their hair. Usually, they’ll go to a hair salon and have a professional hair stylist color it for them. The reasons that women color their hair tend to vary. Some women may just want to get rid of the grayness in their hair while others may want to look more attractive. Beach blonde hair is widely popular amongst women who wish to increase their sex appeal.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of horror stories about the dangers of hair coloring. The main complaint is that the chemicals of the hair dye are unnatural and can severely damage your hair and scalp. Some people say the chemicals will cause your hair to fall out and your scalp to turn dry. So, is any of this true or is it just a bunch of naysayers causing trouble?

Well, it depends on the hair coloring products you choose and how often you use a professional hair stylist to color your hair. If you simply color your hair every once in a while, then your scalp and hair should be okay. Just don’t go crazy and color your hair every couple of weeks or something because that may stress out your scalp. Also, pay attention to the conditioners and shampoos that you’re using. Some conditioners and shampoos cause a negative reaction when they come in contact with hair dye. Look for hair products which are “color friendly.”
are you having reservations about hair coloring
Overall, the biggest effect that coloring your hair will have is on your mental state. For instance, if you’ve had black colored hair your entire life and now your coloring it blonde, this may seem like an exciting idea in the beginning. But once you actually see yourself with blonde hair, it may cause you to think differently about yourself and not necessarily in a good way. It may also cause others to treat you differently too, and not necessarily in a good way. So, you need to be prepared for the ramifications of coloring your hair. Even though you’ll still be the same person, that doesn’t mean others you know will treat you the same.

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