It is almost every girl’s dream to have long and strong hair flowing down their back like Rupunzel’s hair. But maintaining such a hairstyle can be quite a daunting task as it’s not easy to take care of hair once they get past a certain length. Additionally, it takes quite an effort to comb them out daily. But here are a few tips on how to grow and manage long hair:

Regular Trimming

Be sure to trim your hair once every few weeks as trimming ensures that only healthy hair remain. Trimming takes care of split ends and removes the weak tips so as all that is left behind are the healthy, strong, and luscious locks that a girl dreams of. Some argue that trimming one’s hair regularly reduces the length but what is the use of long hair that is unhealthy?

Shampoo Once in Every Two Days

Unless your hair gets oily if you don’t wash them daily, it is advised to wash your hair only once every two days. The reason for this is that shampoo tends to rid the hair of natural oils that are necessary for silky soft hair, leaving them dry and flat. Using shampoo once in every two days ensures that a healthy balance of natural oils is maintained while clearing the head of excess oils, thus leaving your hair long, strong, soft and silky.


Use Shampoo and Conditioner of the same brand

Using one brand is always a good idea as the ingredients used are consistent as opposed to using shampoo of one brand and conditioner of the other.


Finish washing your hair with cold water

Before applying shampoo and conditioner, wash your hair with warm water. This allows for the hair cuticles to open up and the shampoo and conditioner are able to do their work in the best manner. But once that is done, always finish washing your hair with cold water so the cuticles get a chance to close again, leaving your hair silky, soft and strong.

Regular Oiling

It is necessary to replenish the oils that are washed out, leaving the hair dry. Therefore, it is best to oil your hair once in every two weeks using either coconut oil or olive oil. These two oils are considered best as they do not leave behind a greasy look once the oil is washed out. They are also easy to wash out so excessive rinsing of the hair is unnecessary.

Avoid Towel drying your hair

While it’s okay to wrap your hair in a towel after washing them, avoid using a towel to rub your hair roughly in an attempt to soak up the water from the hair to dry them. This just damages the hair, leaving them rough and dry, often breaking the hair and giving them a damaged look.

Brush Your Hair with a Hundred Strokes daily

 Brushing your hair with a hundred strokes on a daily basis increases the circulation of blood which strengthens the hair and helps give the hair a healthy shine.


Following these tips will help you achieve the strong and long hair that you desire.


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