Balayage, foilyage, root shadow. Hair terminology can become confusing if you aren't familiar with the language. To simplify your consultations and appointments, we've broken down our top services at Valente Hair & Co., as well as other miscellaneous terms that you may hear during your service.


Babylights: a form of highlighting that imitates the soft, subtle coloring present in children’s hair, created using small sections of hair with a smaller gap of separation between highlights. Babylights make a big impact despite being natural looking, as they create a multi-dimensional effect on hair.

Balayage: Balayage is a hand-painted technique for application of highlights in an informal pattern. The informality gives locks a more natural look, making roots less obvious while your natural color grows and decreasing the appearance of a demarcation line.

Bronde: Bronde is a shade between blonde and brown that is best achieved with balayage color technique.

Color Melt: a multi-dimensional effect created using multiple tones that melt together for a seamless, natural appearance.

Double Process Color: the process of lightening hair more than two shades. First, color is lifted from strands. After hair has been lightened, color is applied.

Foilyage: Developed by colorist Hitomi Ikeda of New York City's Louis Licari Salon, foilyage combines "balayage" with foil processing. Similar to balayage, Foilyage uses the same hand-painted technique but uses foil for quickened lightening.

Highlights: lightening one’s hair in parts to create contrast. There are several different methods of highlighting, including balayage, ombre, babylights, and foilyage.

Lob: a variation of a bob cut, where hair sits just above the shoulders.

Long-layered cut: an angled hair-cutting technique used to create soft movement on the bottom half of one’s hair. This style promotes body and removes excess weight.

Lowlights: darkening pieces of hair using colors that are darker than one’s natural color to create contrast.

Ombre: the gradual blending of contrasting colors from roots to ends that can be as subtle or as bold as the wearer chooses.

Partial Highlight: highlighting concentrated in the top crown of head and on face framing pieces.

Purple Shampoo: used to eliminate warm tones from blonde hair, with recommended use being once or twice per week.

Razor cut: a method of cutting hair, using a straight edge razor.

Root Shadow: natural looking application to help with the grow-out period with lightened hair and darker roots

Single-process color: hair coloring process where hair is lifted and deposited in one step.

Sombre: a subtle or soft variation of “ombre,” where the appearance of roots is less harsh and the contrasting colors blend more seamlessly.


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