One of the most attractive things about women is their hair. How a woman wears her hair can be one of the most definitive aspects of her sex appeal. There are some hairstyles that men simply love on women and find breathtakingly beautiful. Here are a few of the hairstyles that men love:


Simple Long Hair

Well maintained simple long hair that could be as long as to reach a girl’s hip have always been men’s favorite. It is necessary though for the hair to be straight and neatly trimmed. Unruly long hair with split ends is not likely to appeal to men while hair falling down the length of a woman’s back like a shiny cascade will definitely catch any man’s eye.

The Messy Bun

The messy bun which is just taken up and tied back offhandedly has a very sexy appeal to it. It says that the woman is confident and gives a very light and ready-to-go look. However, this is not the kind of hairstyle you might wear to a formal dinner or party. It’s an everyday casual look that oozes of self-assurance. It’s a hairstyle your man will love to see you in right after he wakes up or on a casual night out together.

The High Pony

The high pony is when you take your hair back and pull them into a ponytail at the back of your head at a slightly high position. Tying back your hair in this hair style is the way to show off the length of your hair without keeping them open. It also gives a very sporty and funky look which most men adore. The high pony is the kind of hairstyle that looks classy and is easy to make by yourself at home without the need to go to the salon.


The Princess Braid

The princess braid is when you take up strands from each side of your head and braid them back to look like a princess’s crown. This hairstyle gives you a very formal and elegant look that will win any man’s heart because of the simple and graceful look that it gives. This hairstyle looks bests when worn with a long evening dress. You can even complete the look by coiling the rest of your hair into a nice French roll at the base of your head. If carried in the right way, this look will make you look drop dead gorgeous.

The French Braid

The French braid is an age old hairstyle and is also one of the most common hair styles to be worn by women across the globe. However, in all its simplicity, it still has its own appeal and men tend to love women who can carry themselves in a simple way and yet look gorgeous without any frills.

No matter how you wear your hair, as long as a lady carries herself with confidence and grace, she is bound to be loved by her man. The right hairstyle for the occasion comes as a cherry on top.


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