Hair styles from the Far East have taken more of a Western trend over the past few years. Although long hair will always be in style in some way, it is the short haircut, giving you the freedom to develop a personalized and defined look, that is taking over the Far East right now.

If you’re looking to create an edgier style for yourself or you just want something that looks fantastic and is easy to maintain, then here are your best options right now.


#1. A Short Bob with Color

Take the classic short bob, let your hair have its natural part, and then add in your favorite color or highlights to complete this hair style. Maintenance time is minimal with this look, though a return trip to the salon every few weeks for a trim and color restoration is necessary. This is the best hair style to use if you want to draw more attention to your face.

A fun variation on this style is to have a rounded bob, giving the appearance of bangs. Take this option if you prefer to frame your face.

#2. Classic Pixie

The Classic Pixie is always going to be one of the top short hair styles in the Far East. It’s a simple cut that reduces care time, yet allows you to personalize your look somewhat. The secret to great style with this haircut is to add texture to it. Look for a wax or similar product that will give you full control of your hair, but will still be easy to wash out so your hair doesn’t get super greasy by the end of the day.

To keep this hair style looking fresh, expect to visit the salon about every 6-8 weeks to receive a trim.

#3. Short and Dark

Going short and keeping your hair dark has been a traditional hair style from the Far East for more than a generation. It is a look that isn’t going to go away any time soon thanks to its overall flexibility and functionality. Pair the look with a hat, wear your favorite accessories, and you’ll be able to draw attention to your smile with ease.

#4. Mushroom Cut

Although this is more for younger girls or mothers who don’t really care about their hair, the mushroom cut does have a certain level of “fun” that is associated with it. Add some layers or feathering to the haircut to give it some natural texture so you don’t have to worry about potentially damaging treatments to control your hair. The best part about this look is that it can be casual, professional, or even formal with minimal work.

#5. Blunt Bangs with Twin Tails

For many in the West, this is the look that is often thought about when considering hair styles from the Far East. From anime to pop musicians, this hair style seems to be everywhere. It may be considered a “subculture” hair option by some, it’s usually reserved for younger girls, but modern braids and buns have helped it to become a modern and fun adult option as well.

The hair styles from the Far East may be a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, but it is a unique look that is perfect for those who come from this region. These styles allow everyone to pursue their own self-image perfection in their own way. 



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