Hair myths got you scratching your head? Some old hair wives-tales may seem obviously wrong while others may come off a little more tricky. Here are some common hair myths that we have debunked just for you.


Myth: If you get your hair trimmed it will not grow.

Truth: Trimming your hair every 6 to 8 weeks will ensure the removal of split ends that travel up the shaft of the hair and prevent your hair from growing because of imminent breakage.


Myth: You have to use bleach to highlight.

Truth: If the hair is not chemically colored beforehand it is always an option to

Use high lift color to achieve the look you want.


Myth: Professional shampoos and conditioners work for all hair types.

Truth: Everyone's hair type is different. It is essential to consult with your stylist on what specific shampoo and conditioning system will most likely work best for your hair type.


Myth: If you highlight your hair every 8 weeks it will be damaged.

Truth: If you are on a month to month highlight regime, the stylist will know to only lift the new growth of the hair keeping the previously highlight strands protected from further chemical processing. Finding a talented stylist is essential.


Myth: Thermal heating tools will ruin your hair.

Truth: As the industry has grown, thermal protecting products have also grown. As long as you are protecting your hair with leave in thermal products and limiting the amount of heat you use, you can maintain healthy luxurious hair with regular use of thermal tools.


Myth: Using  regular grocery or drugstore products that say 'color protection' or 'heat protection' are good to use.

Truth: Most non-professional beauty products are not guaranteed by the manufacturer. A good percentage of shampoos contain an alarming amount of alcohol that dries out the cuticle. And most drugstore conditioners contain copious amounts of balsam wax that leaves a coating of unwanted build up on the hair.


Myth: Conditioning fine hair will leave it flat.

Truth: There are ways to eliminate weight from conditioners. Choosing the best lightweight formula for your hair and/or only conditioning the ends of your hair will absolutely maintain volume at the root when it comes to styling.


Myth: Putting my hair up in rubber bands will break it.

Truth: The industry has made specifically designed bands that will protect your hair from breakage while keeping it carefully pinned back.


Myth: Using cool water on my hair does nothing.

Truth: Rinsing out your conditioner with cool water closes the cuticle and locks the moisture inside. This leaves the hair healthier, shinier and more conditioned.


Myth: Switching shampoos every few months does nothing.

Truth: Similar to how medications work in the body, once your hair gets used to a certain shampoo it can definitely get dull and lifeless no matter how professional the product. Switching shampoos every three to six months will ensure that your hair is still receiving the proper nutrients it needs.


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