As a woman, you care very much about the way your hair looks. It is almost like carrying your identity around on your head wherever you go. But if you are like most women, you are not satisfied with the natural length or appearance of your hair. You wish for the ability to add more length to your hair and give it extra volume. This is the power of hair extensions because they can add any level of length and volume to your existing hair that you want. With so many options to choose from, it is almost like going shopping for a new look when you choose your luxury hair extensions.


Types of Hair Extensions

There are two types of hair extensions; synthetic and human. The synthetic hair extensions are made from a formulated material to give the hair a unique color, thickness, volume, or whatever else you can imagine. Of course, there are several problems with synthetic hair extensions, mainly that they do not look natural. Plus, it is difficult to style synthetic hair extensions because they are not made from the same biological component as human hair.

Therefore, you will always want to choose human hair extensions to create a natural new look for yourself. This is hair that has been cut off from other living women who either wanted to sell it or give it away. The best human hair extensions will be ones comprised of virgin hair that has never been colored, shaded, faded, or processed in any unnatural way whatsoever. The most this hair has ever been through is a shampooing and cleaning.

How to Attach Hair Extensions

Adding the hair extension to your natural hair is easy. First, you should let your hair grow out as long as possible. This will make it easier to create the natural appearance that you want your hair to have. The next step is to attach your hair extensions with either a clip or an adhesive. If you are only looking to temporarily wear these hair extensions, then you should choose the clip-on ones. They are suitable for special occasions or events where you want to look presentable at the moment.

On the other hand, if you are trying to create a more permanent look for yourself with these new hair extensions, then you will need to attach the extensions to your natural hair with a special glue or some other adhesive material made for this type of bonding. It is best to go to a experienced hair salon for a permanent extension attachment so that you can learn this process for yourself. The affixed extensions should last for a couple of weeks before you need to apply more adhesive material. The process is not that complicated once you learn it. For any woman who is serious about transforming her hair, this more permanent solution is the way to go.

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