Crazy things are very fashionable and because they get noticed really quickly they tend to become very popular. The simple and sober looks tend to lag behind in terms of popularity, because they are not very noticeable. It’s also likely that all the crazy styles will perhaps become even crazier when they come back in today’s day and age.

History is rampant with crazy hairstyles that all became very fashionable during their times. Hairstylists have always found the most audacious of styles to be most in demand. The more ridiculous the look, the more fashionable it has been considered.

Here are some of the crazy hairstyles of history:

·        The Bob in the 1920s

The bob of the 1920’s also known as the ‘Flapper’ was very popular because of an actress called Zelda Fitzgerald. In the bob, the hair is cut till the nape of the neck and there are often fringes kept at the front. The look can also be worn without the fringe but it looks more stylish with a fringe. In the 1920s, with the bob, the hair was kept wavy which gave a very classy look. Some women would also sport a boyish bob.

·        The Pixie Cut in the 1950s

The pixie cut is actually not that crazy but is certainly very cute. The pixie cut is really short hair with even shorter fringes. It is called the pixie cut because this look resembles the look that pixies have in drawings. This look was exceptionally popular in the 1950s and seems to be making a comeback as most fashion magazines today are displaying this hairstyle. It is very trendy and makes one look very young and fresh, with a cute and innocent air.

·        The Beehive in the 1950s and 1960s

The beehive was a dome of hair, teased back to resemble a beehive. This hairstyle was particularly popular in the 1950s and 1960s because of a band that called themselves The Beehives and became very popular for their crazy music. The hairstyle looks quite wacky, but even then, it was the in-thing in the 60’s because sometimes crazy things just become all the rage.

·        The Perm in the 1980s

In the 1980s, the perm became quite popular. Women would perm their hair and tease them to make them look quite blown up and would then apply a lot of hairspray to make the look stay. Permed hair would look messy but the head would look full of hair, and while the look does come off as quite crazy, it gained a lot of popularity in the 80’s.

As crazy as these hairstyles were, they were definitely as popular in their times. In fact, some of these hairstyles are likely to make a comeback in the 21st century too. After all, history does repeat itself! .


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