To: Laura Valente & Valente Inc,

First and foremost, thank you for all the opportunities you have given me to rise. I knew for the last few years all I needed was a chance; a chance to show my true potential and abilities. I knew I needed someone to balance out my introverted self and who could also let me have reign over my domain. Valente has become my family. And like a true family, I have people who believe in my vision and my skills. I have become a part of team who passionately want me to succeed and who don’t want me to give up. And I feel the same for them. Thank you.


To the readers:

Valente is a community that’s ready to inspire others to reach their promise. Imagine a collective of artists and their muses (you fall into either category) that genuinely want to make you feel like you just hit the ‘wow factor.’

It’s real.

I’m so thankful to kick off the #ConfidenceCampaign but extending the Valente love to all who are reading this. Valente is not just a company, but a growing community of beautiful souls who thrive in a world full of beauty. Hair extensions and hair products are just one aspect of beauty, however since I’ve worn extensions, my confidence has sky-rocketed! I never thought much about extensions until Laura Valente, owner of Valente Extensions, showed me that hair extensions are for everyone. Valente Extensions have let me express my avant-garde self without breaking the bank or having guilt after purchasing. I feel like a bombshell every single time I wear Valente Extensions. This is affordable luxury that adds value by sparking poise and assurance into your life. You can’t put a price tag on confidence, but if you did, it will be worth some Valente Extensions!

 – Paisley Bird

Current Customer and CEO


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