Clip-In Hair Extensions San Diego

Clip-in hair extensions are designed to be a fast and simple way of adding extensions to your natural hair. For women with thicker hair, they have no problem hiding the clips of the extensions within it. The clips are simply … Read More

How Extensions Can Transform Your Hair

As a woman, you care very much about the way your hair looks. It is almost like carrying your identity around on your head wherever you go. But if you are like most women, you are not satisfied with the … Read More

Best Hair Extensions in San Diego

As warmer weather approaches and we begin to shed our winter layers, we can’t help but daydream about trading in our short, shoulder-grazing strands for long, luscious mermaid locks! We are excited to offer you these longer locks you’ve been … Read More

Meet Tori Prince!

Valente Hair & Co. had the pleasure of having NASM Certified Personal Trainer Tori Prince in last week to custom fit and style her 22” ValenteHalo! After our Valente Master Stylist Daryana finished Tori’s ValenteHalo application, we took Tori out … Read More

Meet our ValenteTabs!

ValenteTabs are nearly invisible and flexible hair extensions that adhere to hair for up to 5 weeks after the first application, depending on how often the wearer washes their hair. They work best for individuals who aren’t extremely active. Additionally, tape-ins best serve those who preference length over volume from their extensions.   1. Form a straight section of the hair with a rat tail comb. 2. Remove tape from both sides on the first tape in piece. (First sandwich) 3. Take a … Read More

Valente Luxury Hair Extension Maintenance

Valente Luxury Extensions are premium hair extensions and an investment that will give you your best hair yet. Because you are investing into your hair, it is wise to ensure proper maintenance of the extensions. Doing so will keep them … Read More