A few weeks ago, we had a very special guest get dolled up by our fabulous makeup artist Val Kaye and our talented hair guru Sal Khader. We discovered her on Instagram and just knew we had to bring her in for the Excellente Valente experience!

She’s getting married later this year so we wanted to give her some bridal-inspired hair and makeup with some beachy vibes. We also picked her brain on fashion, hair and makeup.

Valente Hair & Co (V): What inspired you to get started in fashion blogging?
Laura Yanke (L): I went to school to become a preschool teacher, and while teaching, I needed a creative outlet for my passion. As a preschool teacher, I wore clothes that didn’t fit my personality. So I decided to create my blog to show what I really wanted to wear to work. And now I am back in the fashion industry that I love so much!

(V): Who is your favorite designer and why?
(L): I would say my favorite designer is Rebecca Minkoff. She is the definition of a girl boss and I absolutely love her edgy style.

(V): What question do you get asked the most as a blogger?
(L): The question I get asked the most is, how do you have time to be a blogger? And I always respond with time management. It is hard to get posts out there on a timely basis. But if you plan ahead, it can be done!

(V): What do you want others to know about you?
(L): Hmm this is a tough one! I think I would want people to know that I am down to earth and such a huge family person! I love to be surrounded by family and friends

(V): What projects do you have coming up?
(L): My biggest project right now is my wedding. That has been taking over my life these past couple months! There is also a chance I might be going through a career change, so stay tuned!

(V): Last but not least, what did you think of your experience at Valente Hair & Co?
(L): I had such a wonderful time! Everyone was so friendly and Sal did an amazing job on my hair! I got compliments all night! I absolutely loved my makeup. It made me feel pretty all night long!

We fell in love with her via Instagram and we think you will too. For more photos of her hair and makeup, check out the gallery below.


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