If you’re at all like us, you love the feeling of being pampered with the help of professionals who love making others feel beautiful. Whether it’s our hair, our makeup, or treating our skin, the idea of having someone else charge our beauty batteries for us sounds much better than doing it ourselves (because honestly, we’d rather spend the time sipping champagne than getting an arm workout blow drying our own hair). To give you yet another excuse to have our team of professionals pamper you, we’ve added another service to our menu-- eyelash extensions! Book your appointment if you are looking for lash extensions San Diego!

We’re so excited to offer this additional service at Valente, making us your one stop salon for all of your beauty and wellness needs! Our Lash Extension services are performed in our new Mia Bella Spa Lounge, featuring certified Lash Artist Ashley who lives and breathes lashes. All of our lash services come with complimentary lash naps, so we welcome you to get your beauty rest on and get lashed with us!

Once you arrive at Valente for your first eyelash extensions appointment, you’ll be escorted to our Lash + Spa Lounge to begin your thorough consultation prior to the service itself. We always begin with a consultation, as this is where we completely customize you lash experience to your wants and needs! Together with our Lash Technician, Ashley, you’ll discuss length, shape, and how bold or natural you want your lashes to appear. After the conclusion of your consultation, you’ll start the service! Ashley will apply lash eye masks that shield your lower lashes from lash adhesive (these eye masks are aloe-infused, and act as a de-puffing treatment during your session). Full-set classic and mixed-volume appointments take approximately 2 hours, so plan accordingly when booking your appointment. Our lash extensions San Diego services will make your eyelashes look incredible! 

With your new lash extensions, you can bat those lashes and sleep in because your lashes are already fabulous--no makeup necessary! To continue saying “I woke up like this” for as long as possible, please keep the following items in mind when handling your lashes.

lash extensions san diego
Lash Extensions at Valente

Caring for your lashes is crucial for longevity. Do not submerge your lashes in water within the first 24 hours of application, and avoid the use of oil-based products on our near your lashes. Doing either of these may dissolve the bond on your lash extensions. We also advise against pulling or tugging at your lashes. Pulling or tugging at your lashes will result in temporary gaps in your lash line and may be painful.

Expect your lash extensions to last about a month or less, depending on the care given to your lashes (see care instructions below). Even with the best care to your lashes possible, we still recommend getting a fill every 2-3 weeks. Getting a fill will also ensure no gaps in your lash line and as much definition as you’re wanting. Please keep in mind your natural lashes will shed on their own as well, resulting in the loss of 1-4 lashes per day on average.

If you need your lashes removed for any reason, you must return to the salon and have them removed professionally to avoid damage to your lashes.

As far as wearing eye makeup goes, you can absolutely wear your usual products with your lashes! Use caution when rocking a cat eye, as liquid-based products on the lash line may damage the extensions.

We’re so excited to have you come and experience lash extensions with us. Call us to book the appointment, and we’ll handle the rest (plus, we’ll pop the bubbly). Did we mention first-timers get 20% off? We also offer other specialized services including Balayage and hair extensions! See you soon, vixens!


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