San Diego has some of the best beaches around which are always worth checking out whether summer is in full swing or not. Going to the beach is one of the best ways to spend some quality time, relax and de-stress. If you’re a style conscious, fashion-savvy mommy who wants to put her best foot forward, even at the beach, the following are the best hairstyles for you:

1.     Beachy Waves


If you’ve got naturally wavy hair then just let them loose. The humidity and the salt water in the air can enhance the natural curls you have. For straight hair, dampen your hair, apply gel to the ends and tie it up in a low bun. Let it air dry on its own and then open it to end up with the perfect waves. Touch ups for this are extremely easy as well since a spritz or two of sea salt spray can help maintain your look throughout the day.

2.     Sporting Layers


Layers are extremely popular because they’re flattering on almost every face shape. Depending on the length you opt for, you can easily have a low maintenance look which is perfect for the beach. Moreover, if you have long hair, you can get wavy layers. These are extremely flattering, easy to maintain and never go out of style.

3.     Ponytails and French Braids


If you’re worried or annoyed by how much the wind messes your hair, opt for an updo like a bun, a French braid or a simple ponytail. An updo is extremely easy to maintain and allows you to style your hair once and leave it alone. With either of these hairstyles, you can easily say bye to unruly hair and have fun without worrying about your hairstyle.

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