As warmer weather approaches and we begin to shed our winter layers, we can’t help but daydream about trading in our short, shoulder-grazing strands for long, luscious mermaid locks! We are excited to offer you these longer locks you’ve been dreaming of with Valente Luxury Extensions- San Diego’s BEST hair extensions now available at Valente Hair & Co. Their arrival comes just in time for all of your warmer weather activities- festivals, weddings, graduations, and other celebrations where you can’t NOT look your best!



We offer a wide variety of hair extension styles!

✔ Halo
✔ Tab Tape-In
✔ Easy Weft
✔ Clip-In
✔ & More!

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With Valente Luxury Extensions, you can transform your hair an instant! Our hair salon is conveniently located in the heart of La Jolla Village, easily accessible from the I-5 freeway. Whether you are looking for Halo, Tab, Easy Weft, or Clip-In hair extensions, come to Valente Hair & Co today! Our hair extensions are made of 100% real Remy human hair!

Valente Luxury Extensions are the BEST hair extensions available in San Diego. Developed by Valente Hair & Co. founder and owner Laura Valente, Valente Luxury Extensions are Grade 3 100% Remy Human Hair-- the highest quality extensions available on the market! With 33 colors available to choose from, as well as the option for custom coloring and blending, we can guarantee a perfect match for you.

Valente Hair & Co offers the best hair extensions in San Diego!
Valente Hair & Co offers the best hair extensions in San Diego! Book your appointment today!

The customization doesn’t stop at color! We want to ensure your extensions are exactly how you’ve always hoped, which is why we cater every detail to meeting your wants and needs. We also evaluate the lifestyle you lead to help you select the best extensions for you, as all extensions are best fit for specific lifestyles and individuals. Keep reading to get acquainted with the types of hair extensions we offer!

ValenteHalo: Our Halo extension is our top seller at Valente Hair & Co., and is made up of a large weft of hair attached to clear wire. Temporary/as desired option.   

ValenteClipIns: Our Clip-in sets are small to large wefts of hair with added clip attachments that secure wefts to head. Temporary/as desired option.

ValenteTabs: ValenteTabs are tape-in extensions made of small sections of hair that are applied to head with an adhesive strip. Semi-permanent option.

Valente Ponytail: Our ponytail extension is a large weft of hair with an added clip attachment designed to fit around a ponytail for added length + volume. Temporary/as desired option.

Valente Individuals: Individuals, or Microloops, are extremely small sections of hair, applied to natural hair with a loop attachment. Semi-permanent option.

Valente Easy Wefts: Our easy wefts have pre-applied weft tubes, making for a quick and simple way to apply large wefts of hair throughout head. Semi-permanent option.

An obvious benefit of extensions is providing adding length to shorter strands seamlessly, with extensions beginning at 12 inches and extending to 22 inches.

If you aren’t looking to add length to your hair, you may be wondering how extensions could make a difference in your life. We’re happy to share that the benefits of extensions go beyond added length! Extensions can also add volume and dimension, not to mention BOOST your confidence to heights you’ve never experienced.

World-Class Hair Extensions San Diego

You now have all the information you need to take the next step towards getting hair extensions! Upon choosing to invest in luxury hair extensions, you will meet with your Valente Master Stylist for a consultation. Together with your stylist, the two of you will decide which extensions will work best with your lifestyle. Your stylist will also color match you at this time.

After your consultation is complete, we will schedule a future installation appointment for you, where the extensions you’ve selected will be applied and customized. The length of this appointment is dependent upon the type of extensions you’ve chosen.

Once you have your Valente Luxury Extensions, it is important to keep maintenance in mind!

Because the extensions are made without any synthetic materials or blends, they can be used with hot tools and styled like your natural hair. We recommend using our revolutionary Valente Lusso hot iron when hot styling, as the Lusso provides moisture in extensions that no longer receive nutrients from the scalp. Conditioning the extensions like so will ensure the integrity is kept and not lost over time and extended use. Please store your extensions in your Valente Luxury Extensions Travel Bag when not in use to protect the hair and retain it’s integrity.

Now that you have all the information you need to achieve the mermaid locks you’ve always DREAMED of, come see us today so we can transform your hair with San Diego’s BEST hair extensions. We know you’ll love your transformation, and we can’t wait for you to experience the ease and simplicity of extensions. They make such a difference in your look, without much time or effort! Book with us today.

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