Few people ever think about their as more than a part of their body. Much like our noses, we’re too used to having hair on the top of our head. Long or short, straight or curly, we’ve always taken our hair for granted but not always bothered to take an in-depth look at what makes your hair the way it is.

If you’re curious about your hair or just want to know some interesting facts about it, here are 5 unbelievable facts that you didn’t know about your hair.

1.     No Gender Differences


It’s an understood fact that men and women are different: mentally, physically and biologically, in fact even our DNA is different. While it is possible to use saliva, skin samples and more to look at the DNA and identify the gender of a person, hair is the only thing in the body that cannot be used to do so. Whether taken from a male or a female, the genetic structure of hair is similar. Even the growth cycle of hair, regardless of the gender, is the same.

2.     Hair Growth

On an average basis, hair can grow at a rate of 0.3 to 0.5mm on a daily basis. Per month, it grows at a rate of 1.25 or 0.5 inches and on a yearly basis, it grows at a rate of 15cm or 6 inches per year. This means that if you want to grow your hair out, it would take you around 3 years just to grow it till your shoulders. If you’re looking to grow it till your waist, it will take you around 7 years. Just imagine the number of haircuts you can skip!

3.     Hair Follicles

All hair follicles that will grow on your body have usually developed, in the womb, by the time we are only five months old. Hair follicles are also made up of keratin which happens to be the same substance that makes up our nails and is also the same substance found in the claws, feathers, hooves, beaks and horns of other animals.

4.     Wonders in Water


Have you ever wondered why your hair appears longer when it’s wet? That’s because all healthy hair stretches to about by 30%. This also means it is more elastic and porous when wet too. In fact, in 2007, during the cleanup of the Cosco Busan Oil spill in San Francisco Bay, human hair was used as a sponge to absorb the oil in the water.

5.     Hair Color and Hair Thickness

Contrary to popular belief, blonde and red happen to be among the rarest, naturally occurring colors in world with only 1% the world having natural red hair and only 2% having natural blonde hair while brunette and black happen to be among the most common, naturally occurring hair colors in the world. Moreover, red heads and blondes commonly appear to have thinner hair with less hair density while darker hair colors like black and brunettes commonly have thicker hair and more hair density.

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