In order for your hair to grow long and strong, it needs to have a firm foundation supporting its growth. This means taking good care of yourself and your needs will also allow you to be taking good care of your hair. Eating a balanced diet, getting enough water to drink every day, and having an established bedtime routine will all help to give your hair the support that it needs.

These additional tips will also help to add strength and length to your hair quickly and effectively.

#1. Change how you wash your hair.

If you’re washing your hair on a daily basis and you use hot water to do so, then your hair will become brittle over time. Its growth will slow down and you’ll be spending more on conditioning products for your daily washing just to keep your hair quality up.

Try washing your hair based on the type you have instead of making it a daily event. If your hair is of medium weight and isn’t overly oily, then switching to a once-per-week wash could help your hair become long and strong quickly.

#2. Give the blow dryer a break.

Adding heat to your hair after you’ve just put it through a hot bath or shower is going to continue adding brittleness to each strand. This effect is exaggerated if you are rough with your hair while brushing it or trying to complete a fast towel-dry as you’re getting ready. A simple switch to the cold air feature on the blow dryer can make a world of difference for your hair.

#3. Find a salon which will give you a regular trim.

Hair tends to grow longer and stronger when it is at its healthiest. Although it might seem crazy to cut your hair if you want it to grow, a regular trim will help to get rid of the split ends, dryness, and other forms of damage that can affect each hair follicle.

Finding a salon to provide this service for you will help you get a professional evaluation of your hair. It will also be easier to remove the hair components that have been damaged, especially in the back.


#4. Protect your ends.

Once your hair gets to a certain length, the temptation to throw it into a pony tail or let it flow freely can be great. Your hair is long and strong and you want to show it off! Showing it off will also potentially cause damage to it that can limit future growth.

Try to wear your hair in such a way that it will protect the ends from splitting. The oldest parts of your hair will often be the driest, so consider braids, buns, and other tighter styles that will help to protect these parts of the hair.

#5. Be natural.

Maybe you perm your hair. Maybe you have it relaxed. There is a good chance that these chemical processes are causing breakage and other forms of damage. The healthiest hair will always be in its natural state and texture. This may make it difficult to work the hair, especially if you need to remove your hair that has been chemically treated, but it will help your hair in the long run.

These hair tips to help your hair become longer and stronger can be implemented immediately, but may take several weeks for you to see results. As long as you take care of yourself, you’ll be able to take care of your hair to create the look that you want.


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