Celebrity Color Tips

You don’t need to be a celebrity to rock a bold, bright color and pull it off. Whether it was Rihanna’s vibrant red bob or Emilia Clarke’s platinum blonde mane that gave you a serious case of envy, isn’t it time to stop sighing and start trying a new hair color?

Even if you’re not thinking of going for a bold look, you can ensure that you make the right color choices each time with the help of the following tips:

1.     Identify Your Skin Tone

The main thing you have to do is to identify your skin tone. This can be very easy and very complex as well. Largely, because skin tone is so diverse it falls into various categories. On a generic level, your skin color should come under pale, medium, olive, or dark/deep.  This won’t be really hard to identify and in most cases, people are aware of the skin tone they have.


2.     Identify the Undertones

Once you’ve identified your skin tone, it’s time to pick the undertones. You can pick an undertone with by trying on golden and silver jewelry, guessing the color of your veins, looking at your eye color. You could end up with the following results:


  • If you chose to wear golden jewelry, with a warm skin tone, looks good on you.
  • You can see most on of your veins on your wrist and if they are green in color, it means you have a warm undertone.
  • If your eyes are green, hazel or brown, then you have a warm undertone


  • If you have cold undertones, silver jewelry looks better on you.
  • You can also try to identify the color of your veins. If they are purple or blue-ish in color then you have cooler undertones.
  • People with blue, grey, and green eyes have cool skin tones.


  • If you chose to wear jewelry, silver, and gold, both look good on you.
  • If your veins are a mix of purple, blue and green in color, this means that you have a neutral skin tone.

3.     Opposites That Complement

Now opt for colors that are the opposite of your skin tone. This might seem counterproductive but opposites will attract the eye towards you. People with warm under tones need to use colors with cool tones.

People who have cool skin tones should opt for warm skin tones. People with neutral undertones have more freedom, since they can choose almost any hair color they want. For example, if you’re looking to go blonde, you can opt for cool blonde if your skin is warm toned and vice versa.


4.     Have an Example

Always have some sort of visual example in mind to show to your hairdresser. The best option is to find an image of celebrity whose skin tone, eye color and hair color closely matches with yours. This allows you and your hairdresser to have a more realistic idea of what the color might look like on you and what look you have in mind.

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