Team – Paisley Bird

General Manager

Paisley is best known for her role as expert wing lady to Valente Hair & Co & Valente Inc owner Laura Valente. Paisley is an aspiring master storyteller whose original creative medium was fashion & portrait photography. She has styled, photographed and directed many fashion shoots with local San Diego models. In 2012, she showcased her featured portrait art at a RAW Artist community gallery. She has photographed many weddings and was a featured wedding photographer on The Knot in 2013. Her love of visuals motivated her to expand her marketing skills and creative business skills to the next level, which landed her previous positions as creative director and marketing lead. Paisley works alongside Laura as her marketing director, bridal coordinator and general manager of Valente Hair & Co as well as her executive partner at Valente Inc. Paisley is probably the kindest and most positive cynic you’ll ever meet. (She realizes that that is an oxymoron) She also believes in harnessing and relying on her intuition as well as challenging the standards of anything. You’ll see her name in lights, mostly because she freakin’ loves lights, but also due to the fact she aspires for ideas bigger than herself.