Valente Express

Bella Blow Out Bar


Bella Blow Out $60+  Points: 1050

(Valente's Signature Wash & Blow Dry)

( Depending on length of the hair)


Bella Blow Dry & Hot Style $75  Points: 1065

Valente's Signature wash and blow dry with an additional hot style, which could include curls or smoothing of the hair.)


Solo Dry $40 - Points: 1030

Blow Dry or Hot Style on dry hair

Extension Blow Dry $70 - Points: 1060

Belli Braids $40 - Points: 1030


Wedding or Event Updo: Based on Consultation ( Please see Wedding & Event Menu)

Hair Extensions: See Extension Menu, Prices may vary.

Valente's Hair Spa & Lounge

Deep Conditioning $35 Points: 1025

Conditioning Treatments done at the shampoo bowl or under a warm dryer, using Davines conditioning hair masks.


Olaplex Bond Builder / B3 Bond Builder $35 (per bowl) Points: 1025

Olaplex treatment rebuilds and repairs hair damage. Olaplex restores damaged hair  bonds and returns hair to its healthy natural state.


Brazilian Blowout/ Keratin Smoothing $300  Points: 1290

Known for significantly reducing drying & styling time for up to 12 weeks. Smoothing treatment that can be customized to keep curl & loose frizz, or achieve a sleek straight and more manageable hair.


Leonor Greyl Exclusive Salon Treatments

( See Menu for Prices)


Women's Haircuts

Dusting $50 Points: 1040

This service consists of a basic dusting or cleaning of of the dead ends of the hair. A quick effective way to quickly remove dead ends and perfect any color or blow dry service.


Bella Haircut $95 Points: 1085

This service consists of a full haircut including layering or an extensive amount of hair being cut off the length of the hair.


Molto Bella Haircut $125 Points: 1115

This service consists of detailed cuts, such as short layered bobs, disconnections, face- framing and layers with dry cut relationships.


Men's Haircuts

The Bello Haircut $60 Points: 1050

Standard men's cut which consists of any desired hair style. Includes a shampoo, condition and rinse.


The G-Q $75 Points: 1065

This men's haircut consists of any desired cut or length and style. Includes a 5 min scalp and neck massage, along with a aromatherapy hot towel, rinse and deep conditioning scalp treatment.


Valente's Color Bar

Highlighting Full $250 Points: 1240

This service includes a full head of highlights using a creative highlighting pattern through the full head.


Highlighting Half $185 Points: 1175

This service including a partial head of highlights, using a creative highlighting foil pattern done on the 2 frontal sections of the head.


Highlighting Partial $165 Points: 1160

This service includes a simple 10 foils or less throughout tether hair in desired areas.


Perms $175+ Points: 1265

Used to reform the hair structure to tight curls or waves.


Balayage/ Ombre/ French Style Hair Painting

Balayage Full $280 Points: 1270


Balayage Touchup $200 Points: 1190

A free form highlighting technique done on a small segment of the hair touching up the previous balayage.


Ombre $280 Points: 1270

Hair is painted darker at the root through mid length, and usually is a free hand painted lighter towards the end of the hair.


Base Color $100 Points: 1190

This color service consists of coloring only the root area of regrowth of the hair.


All Over Color $150 Points: 1140

This color service consists of coloring all the hair one color.


Gloss Color:$100 Points: 1090


Color Correction $280- $420 Points: 1270-1410

A color service which consists of correcting unwanted color or tones, and reaching a desired result by combining a number of different services and methods.


Men's Color Blending $35 Points: 1025

Full color service to blend or dye mens hair.


Additional Services

Xtra Bowl of Color: $20 Points: 1010

Gloss $40 Points: 1030

Toner $30 Points: 1020



Prices are starting estimates. Prices may vary by stylists. Some services may require a credit card on file. Cancellation policy applies. Some services may require a consultation. Other terms may apply.

Memberships & Point Packages

Bella Blow Out Membership $119 Points: 1010

4 Blow Outs, 2 Treatments, 20% off Products

3 Month Minimum Autopay required.

Basic Treatments Only.


Belli Capelli Root Touch Up Membership $94.99 Points: 1100

1 Monthly Root Re Touch

 Includes Blowout With Service

20% off Products

3 Month Minimum Autopay required.

Bello Men's Cut Membership $89 Points: 1079

2 Mens Cuts

Beard Trim & Line Up

Includes Wash, Warm Towel & Scalp Massage

3 Month Minimum Autopay required.


Paga Point

Valente's Loyalty Point System

Earn & Purchase Points

Paga Point Packages

100- $80

Earn 20 extra points with purchase


250- $200

Earn 50 extra points with purchase


300- $250

Earn 75 extra points with purchase


500- $450

Earn 100 extra points with purchase


1000- $950

Earn 250 extra points with purchase


How to earn points

1. With every 100 spent earn 5 points

2. Pre Book Appointments and earn 5 points

3. Purchase any membership package and earn 20 points

4. Refer a friend or family member and earn 25 points

5. Purchase Products on Point Sales and earn points

6. Share your experience on Yelp or Google Earn 20 points

How to use points

1. Use points towards services or add on's

2. Save points and redeem free gifts

3. Use points to buy specific product specials on point system