V Talk Episode 2: Beyond the Hair

7:00 AM the alarm goes off and it’s Monday. Yes, Monday the start of the new week. The day that everyone glorifies as “crap, it’s only Monday.” You don’t want to get out of bed. Breakfast is probably impossible because … Read More

Clip-In Hair Extensions San Diego

Clip-in hair extensions are designed to be a fast and simple way of adding extensions to your natural hair. For women with thicker hair, they have no problem hiding the clips of the extensions within it. The clips are simply … Read More

Bridal & Wedding Makeup San Diego

There are only a few special moments in your life that you will want to be photographed. For most people, weddings are at the top of the list. After all, a wedding is the day that two people take each … Read More

Welcome to The V Talk

There are 7 billion humans on this planet. Can you imagine that? 7 billion born into different life paths that fulfills a certain position. Mother earth is like a machine. With her planet being full of life requires all her … Read More

Your Flat Iron Could be Damaging Your Hair

Flat irons are basically straightening irons that women use to straighten their hair. But if you are using flat irons or any type of hair straightening device, you run the risk of damaging your hair and scalp. This should not … Read More

How Extensions Can Transform Your Hair

As a woman, you care very much about the way your hair looks. It is almost like carrying your identity around on your head wherever you go. But if you are like most women, you are not satisfied with the … Read More

How Trimming Your Hair Can Actually Help Your Hair Grow

A lot of women assume that cutting or trimming their hair will impede its growth potential. They believe that relying on good genetics is better for promoting hair growth. While good genetics may help to some extent, there are other … Read More

Best Lash Extensions San Diego

If you’re at all like us, you love the feeling of being pampered with the help of professionals who love making others feel beautiful. Whether it’s our hair, our makeup, or treating our skin, the idea of having someone else … Read More

Best Hair Extensions in San Diego

As warmer weather approaches and we begin to shed our winter layers, we can’t help but daydream about trading in our short, shoulder-grazing strands for long, luscious mermaid locks! We are excited to offer you these longer locks you’ve been … Read More

Best Balayage in San Diego, CA: Valente Hair & Co.

The biggest buzzword circulating hair salons these days is BALAYAGE. Anybody who’s anybody is getting it, and any salon or stylist in the know are offering this service to their clients. But what exactly is Balayage, and how can you … Read More