It’s Wedding Season!

Did you know wedding season is right around the corner? Did you also know that Valente Hair & Co offers exclusive wedding packages? Read on! Exclusive Valente Weddings In order to make your big day as special as possible, we’ve … Read More

Q+A with Best Balayage Winner Jazz

This week we took aside the talented Jazz Hainer to pick her beautiful brain about her craft. She won Valente Hair & Co’s coveted award, Best Balayage. Jazz is known for her dazzling blonding and unique hair trends. (She is … Read More

Thank You For an Amazing Anniversary!

Last Saturday, February 25, we had our first year anniversary extravaganza! We had such an amazing turn out. We could not have had such a successful year without the support of our loyal clients and dedicated stylists. Here’s a couple … Read More

Model Casting 1st Year Anniversary

We are throwing our 1st year anniversary party extravaganza on February 25, 2017 and will host a fashion show! We are looking for 8-10 fashion models to showcase local La Jolla boutique fashion for our red carpet runway show. Requirements: … Read More

West Coast vs East Coast Hair

Which side of the US offers the best hair styles? Is it the West Coast, which places an emphasis on being casual and creative? Or is it the East Coast, which has a style focus on sophistication and overall polish? … Read More

Top Myths About Hair

You likely have a personal routine for your hair care. It’s a routine that is based on your own experiences, advice from your salon, and perhaps information that has been handed down to you by others. Unfortunately, the top myths … Read More

Hair Styles from the Far East

Hair styles from the Far East have taken more of a Western trend over the past few years. Although long hair will always be in style in some way, it is the short haircut, giving you the freedom to develop … Read More

5 Hair Tips for Long, Strong Hair

In order for your hair to grow long and strong, it needs to have a firm foundation supporting its growth. This means taking good care of yourself and your needs will also allow you to be taking good care of … Read More

Crazy Hairstyles from History

Crazy things are very fashionable and because they get noticed really quickly they tend to become very popular. The simple and sober looks tend to lag behind in terms of popularity, because they are not very noticeable. It’s also likely … Read More

Posh Hairstyles from the UK

Yes, Valente Hair is just a single boutique making waves in San Diego. However, we look all over the world for the hottest trends in hair. The UK is always ahead of its times when it comes to hairstyles. Modern … Read More