Meet our ValenteTabs!

ValenteTabs are nearly invisible and flexible hair extensions that adhere to hair for up to 5 weeks after the first application, depending on how often the wearer washes their hair. They work best for individuals who aren’t extremely active. Additionally, tape-ins best serve those who preference length over volume from their extensions.   1. Form a straight section of the hair with a rat tail comb. 2. Remove tape from both sides on the first tape in piece. (First sandwich) 3. Take a … Read More

Valente Luxury Hair Extension Maintenance

Valente Luxury Extensions are premium hair extensions and an investment that will give you your best hair yet. Because you are investing into your hair, it is wise to ensure proper maintenance of the extensions. Doing so will keep them … Read More

Local Business Spotlight – Brighton Dental San Diego

For local residents concerned about how their dental health is interacting with their overall health, there’s Brighton Dental San Diego. This dental office is designed to feel more like a spa than the dentist offices of the past – but … Read More

Hair Myths: Fact or Fiction?

Hair myths got you scratching your head? Some old hair wives-tales may seem obviously wrong while others may come off a little more tricky. Here are some common hair myths that we have debunked just for you.   Myth: If … Read More

Local Business Spotlight – The Secret Clinic

La Jolla Village is home to a very unique medical practice, known to locals as The Secret Clinic. This name has served the business very well as the clinic has morphed into a leading, innovative and exclusive medical center for … Read More